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WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is simply dealing with User interface while WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is meant for communication / service oriented application development. WCF framework can be used to perform some server side processing and the result can be communicated to the client. WPF frame work basically offers 2D and 3D graphic support for better GUI design. That is, WPF is a Microsoft DirectX based graphical subsystem making use of the XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language). WPF application work both as a desktop application or it can be embedded as part of a website. It has got some features which makes programming easier when compared with Microsoft Silver light.

WCF is different from the normal client server communication which is possible through Winforms and ASP Pages. In WCF, we define how or through what channel the data is sent, who will be the recipient and what kind of details are to be added with the data for lossless transmission of data to the desired destination, which will ensure more data security.

The Ul frame work WPF and the service oriented frame work WCF are available from Dot Net Frame work 3.0 onwards.The WPF and WCF course is provided at all the centers of CMS Info Systems Ltd. across India.

ProgramsImportant TopicsHoursBooks Provided
WPF and WCF Layout and container controls, Menus, Tool bars and Status bars, Dialogues and Multimedia in WPF, Service contracts and instance management in WCF, Data contracts, Service contracts and error handling in WCF40CMS


  • The limitations with winform for graphics when compared with WPF are covered.
  • Better data binding of WPF is covered.
  • Drawing and Animations are covered.
  • High quality study material
  • Training sessions are handled by experienced engineers /industry experienced professionals.

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