Enterprise Learning Solutions

Enterprise Learning Solutions

ELS vertical of CMS has been created for giving focused approach to our enterprise customers. We deliver customized learning solutions to our clients on any technology as per the customer requirement. We have a talent pool of well experienced trainers that can wide spectrum of technologies in the IT industry.

Our service to our client starts from

Training Need Analysis: Our team can help the client in conduct the training need analysis to identify the training requirement based on the talent available mapping it to the organizational needs. And a training road map is created for the organization based on its short term and long term goals.

Customized Content: Based on the training road map , a customized training content is created by our design and development team. The customized training content will be then shared with training team.

Training Delivery: The training delivery is done by well experienced trainers . Each trainer will be a specialist in his or her area of expertise and will have real time project experience.

Assessment: The participant progress and knowledge gain is assessed and analyzed at of each module. This will ensure the training objectives are met.

Post training support: We will have a separate helpline facility available for the participants post training period. We will handhold the participants so that they can use the skill enhancement in their work environment effectively. If required we have a refresher session after 4 week to rectify any difficulty faced by the participants during implementation.

At CMS IT Services, our quality philosophy is “Moving from Compliance to Continual Improvement and Innovation”.

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