Oracle 11g Certification Course

Oracle Data Base 11g-Introduction to SQL 2.0

The Oracle Corporation is an American global computer technology corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California. The company primarily specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products – particularly its own brands of database management systems. In 2011 Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue, after Microsoft.

An Oracle database is an ORDBMS, provides open comprehensive integrated approach to information management. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information. A database server is the key to solving the problems of information management. In general, a server reliably manages a large amount of data in a multiuser environment so that many users can concurrently access the same data. All this is accomplished while delivering high performance. A database server also prevents unauthorized access and provides efficient solutions for failure recovery.

Oracle 11g offers the benefits of Grid Computing delivering higher quality of service, lower cost, and greater flexibility. Higher quality of service results from having no single point of failure, a robust security infrastructure, and centralized, policy-driven management.

In this course the candidate will learn the basics of relational data bases and the powerful SQL Programming language.

Details of the course is given below.

ProgramsHoursTopics covered
Oracle Data Base 11g-Introduction to SQL 2.040Introduction
Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement
Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
Using the Set Operators
Manipulating Data
Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
Creating Other Schema Objects
Controlling User Access
Managing Schema Objects
Managing Objects with Data Dictionary Views
Manipulating Large Data Sets
Retrieving Data by Using Subqueries
Regular Expression Support

Advantages @CMS IT Services Pvt Ltd

  • Standard course curriculum as prescribed by Oracle.
  • Official Courseware from Oracle.
  • Certified, Skilled and Experienced Technical Trainers.
  • Prepares the candidate to pass the global certification OCA/OCP exams.
  • Job Assistance on course completion.

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