Mastering C Programming


“C” language was developed in 1972, by an American technocrat named Dennis Ritchie. He used the “C” language to re-write the UNIX Operating System. “C” language is a De-facto standard in Linux operating System. There are many different “C” compliers available for Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Since “C” Language has many low level and high level features, it is better known as a middle level language. The power of “C” language can be understood by knowing the fact that the UNIX Operating System’s kernel was written in “C” language. “C” can be used in different applications such as compiler writing, Consumer electronics (Embedded programming), business applications such as an accounting system or inventory management system, games, various components in OS or even micro controller programming for communication or network devices.

Benefits of the ‘C Programming’

ProgramsHoursTopics covered
Mastering C60Programming Fundamentals with Algorithm & flow-charts, Key-words and variables in "C" language, Decision making if, Switch() and Conditional operators, Loop Structures, Functions, recursive functions, Arrays, structures and unions, pointer arithmetic, dynamic memory allocation, file I-O, Pre-processor directives


  • Knowledge in “C” gives the fundamental skills to learn other modern languages such as C++. Java, Ot.NET, PHP etc.
  • Since “C” is very small in size, it can execute very fast.
  • C gives many low level features and direct support for assembly language programming. It has the support for pointers and thus helps to manage memory efficiently.
  • “C” Language Programs are s highly portable on a different varieties of OS and Compilers with very little or no changes at all.
  • It has support for multimedia such as graphics and audio.
  • The “C” language curriculum at CMS info Systems includes structures, pointers, bit level operations and file management, which gives an opportunity to use “C” in high level business applications as well as low level applications.

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