Mastering C++ Programming


The language C with Classes was developed by the Danish Computer Scientist Bjarne Stoustrup in 1979. Later 1983 C with Classes is renamed to C++. C++ language has many features such as classes, operator overloading, function overloading, reference variables, virtual function, new memory allocation and de-allocation operators, default arguments to functions etc.

C++ is implemented on many different platforms and companies like Microsoft has their own version of C++ compilers. Popular C++ compilers include Turbo C++, Borland C++, Micro Soft Visual C++, GCC, Net beans, Intel C++. Oracle C++, clang C++. Even today, giant software companies and other organizations are using C++ as one of their major programming languages.

Benefits of the C++ Programming

Mastering C++ offered at CMS is an 80 hours training program with 100 % practical orientation. It gives you a good understanding of the 00P concepts and object orientation in programming.

ProgramsHoursTopics covered
Mastering C++80 HrsOverview of 00P, Concepts of Classes and Objects, constructors, Data types, Functions, arrays, operator overloading, function overloading, polymorphism, inheritance ,dynamic polymorphism, abstract classes, File I-O, Exception handling.


  • The exclusive features of C++ make it a more suitable language for low level (System level), high level or embedded level application development.
  • C++ has many features that support programming for embedded systems, Operating Systems and compiler writing.
  • It can be more suitable for writing applications such as video compression or de-compression tools.
  • C++ is also being used in desktop applications, Games, space craft or rocket control applications.
  • C++ has higher performance for certain types of applications when it is compared with few modern programming languages.
  • Many third party libraries written in C++ are available and make application programming easier.
  • C++ is considers as a best language for device driver development.

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