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Founded in 1976, CMS Computers Ltd started as a computer maintenance and services company. Post hiving off CMS Info Systems as a new entity, CMS Computers focused on ERP solutions, traffic management, E-Governance and Security solutions. Operating from fifteen locations, CMS supports over 200 customers nationally. CMS Computers has three R&D centres located at Pune, Mumbai and Thiruvanthapuram with over 200 personnel involved in Research and Development developing custom products such as EDM, Kiosk and Security. CMS is also actively engaged in Software development and export to Europe and U.S.A. through its fully owned subsidiary SYSTIME with two development Centres in Mumbai, Pune & Chennai staffed by over 400 professionals.

CMS Info Systems is a leading IT & outsourced business services provider with extensive reach across India. CMS Info Systems offers a wide bouquet of services across the value chain, focusing on Retail Banks, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, PSU and Government segments. They have a strong client base in multiple industries with over 700 large customers. These customers are supported by 21,000+ team members, spread across 100 offices in India.

CMS offerings span application services, systems integration, IT infrastructure management, IT training businesses with market leadership in outsourced cash logistics, transaction printing, card personalization and self service solutions businesses. CMS is currently in the process of leveraging its enormous scale and wide reach to expand its offerings of high value and innovative end-to-end solutions in the IT and outsourced business segments.
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Blackstone Capital Partners
CMS Info Systems has partnered with The Blackstone Group for its capital requirements. The Blackstone Group is a New York headquartered leading global investment and advisory firm. The firm has closed more than 130 private equity transactions globally with a cumulative equity commitment of more than $30 billion and holds an impressive track record of creating value in each of its investments. The Blackstone Group is one of the world's largest Private Equity firm and provider of financial advisory services listed on the New York Stock Exchange with total assets under management of $98.1 billion at March 31, 2010. Blackstone is assisting CMS along various dimensions including business development to build a high-growth, sustainable and valuable company.

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