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The Certified IT Architect (CITA) program is about learning all the major and relevant technology of IT Infrastructure services. If you are looking for a career in IT, then this program will help you to gain complete knowledge on Hardware engineering, Network administration and Server administration.

  • The program is of 410 hours duration which includes both theory and Practical sessions. Students are tested for On-The-Job training eligibility, following which they are placed at leading desktop maintenance and networking sites across India. Successful students are also awarded stipends on the job. This training exposes students to technology implementation in various small. medium and large computing enterprises. On successful course completion, students are placed in various leading corporate sectors.
  • The modules like Desktop Engineering and CCNA give students a complete knowledge on Desktop administration and CISCO Router and Switch Configuration.
  • The CITA program includes modules like MCSA and Red Hat administration which covers the server administration of two leading server operating systems i.e. windows server 2012 and Red Hat enterprise Linux 7.
  • The ITIL Foundation Module in the program explains all the best practices followed by every big IT corporate in handling the IT Service delivery.
  • At the end the program includes Boot camp module which help students to be ready to face the interviews and become more confident.
  • Throughout this program several soft skill and personality development sessions are conducted to mould the overall personality of the student to be ready to work in the competitive corporate environment.



  • The program touches almost all the essential technologies of Hardware, Networking and Server administration.
  • All the technical programs are designed as per the standard syllabus shared by partners like Microsoft, Red Hat or Cisco.
  • As we are following the standard curriculum students are automatically trained to give the global certification exams on relevant technologies like CCNA, MCSA, RHCSA, RHCE etc.
  • Our students can attempt global certification examinations from Microsoft and Red Hat at nominal fee structures.
  • We provide discounts for students attempting other globally recognized certificates from Microsoft, Red Hat, and ITIL.
  • Our students have access to 3,600 IT services job openings in CMS Info Systems Ltd.
  • An On-The-Job training on successful completion of the course, with a stipend.
  • Our students are eligible for Red Hat and Microsoft participation cerlificaions.

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