CITA Course


The Certified IT Architect (CITA) program is about learning all the major and relevant technology of IT Infrastructure services. If you are looking for a career in IT, then this program will help you to gain complete knowledge on Hardware engineering, Network administration and Server administration.

  • The total duration of the program is of 302 Hours; which includes both Theoretical and Practical sessions. Students are tested for on-the-job training eligibility, following which they are placed at leading Desktop Maintenance and Networking sites across India. Successful students are also awarded with stipends on-the-job. This training exposes students to technology implementations in various Small, Medium and Large computing enterprises. On successful course completion, students are placed in various leading Organizations.
  • The modules like Desktop Engineering and CCNA give students a complete knowledge on Desktop administration and CISCO Router and Switch Configuration.
  • The MCSA module of CITA Program covers all the aspects of server administration with the popular Windows Server 2012 Operating System.
  • The ITIL Foundation Module in the program explains all the best practices followed by every big IT corporate in effectively handling the IT Service delivery.
  • The boot camp module at the end of the program prepares the student to be more confident in facing the interviews and delivering his best, post his recruitment.
  • Throughout this program several soft skill and personality development sessions are conducted to shape the overall personality of the student to be ready to work in the competitive corporate environment.



  • The program touches almost all the essential technologies of Hardware, Networking and Server administration.
  • All the technical programs are designed as per the standard syllabus shared by partners like Microsoft & CISCO.
  • As we are following the standard curriculum students are automatically trained to give the global certification examinations on relevant technologies like CCNA, MCSA etc./li>
  • CITA Students are eligible for great discounts on Microsoft and ITIL global certification examinations
  • Our students have access to 3,600 IT services job openings in CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • An On-The-Job training on successful completion of the course, with a stipend.
  • Our students are eligible for Microsoft participation certification.

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