Certified Software Professional Java

CMS Certified Software Professional Java+(CCSP Java+)

Java Technologies- CCSP- Job Oriented Training
The Java programming language introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1995 is being used by millions of applications and websites. Now the Java platform is owned and operated by ORACLE Corporation. The presence of Java can be found in Desktop, Web or Mobile applications.

CCSP Java+ is an integrated course offered at CMS to grab the job opportunities in Desktop, Web or Mobile applications development or Database Management. As a final touch we give them soft-skill training such as preparation for interviews, communication skills and other tips in acquiring their dream job.

ProgramHoursTopics covered
CCSP Java + (CMS Certified Software Professional)330Fundamentals of Programming, OOP fundamentals, MYSQL RDBMS, Core Java Programming, Advanced Java Programming and JSP, JavaScript with HTML 5, HTML and CSS, Android Programming, Hibernate, Source Control SVN, UML and XML & Project Work

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